UR824 front panel knobs don't do gain control (??)

Hi there, I am trying to setup UR824 without PC so that the I can control levels of the input lines simply by the front panel knobs. For some reason all I can control by the front knobs is the REV-X effect level, not the input sound. There is nothing such as the front knob assignment. Advice anyone? Many thanks!

I have never used the 824 in such a way, but I must ask how you can even use the REX-X effect without using the software that runs on a PC?

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.

I do not want to use Rev-X at all. I just want to use the UR824 as normal mixer controlling the input levels by knobs. Is that unusual ? Many thanks!

See page 28 of the manual.

The 824 maintains the last configuration before powering down, and allows you to use it without a computer for that configuration only.

When connected to the computer you need to set up routing with dsp fx the way you like, prior to shutting down and using in standalone mode.

Thank you, I really appreciate your comment, however my problem is not the routing. I am unable to figure out how to make front knobs to control the input level (sounds silly I know). An example: I turn all knobs to zero, but I still hear sound of the instruments plugged in because sliders in dsp fx software are at half level. When I pull all sliders in dsp fx down to zero, then there will be no sound at all, no matter what I do manually with the front knobs. I need to make the front knobs somehow to control the input level sliders in dsp fx software. Hope this helps to clarify … thanks again!

Short answer… Front panel controls are for adjusting preamplifier gain only, and do not control the levels set in the Mixer app.

Well, that is what I thought :frowning: The UR824 should not be advertised as a 8x8 digital mixer but rather a preamp/premix. Many thanks!

I am curious as to where you have seen the UR824 advertised as a 8x8 mixer? ‘Preamp/premix’ is also something it should not be called. It is an interface and I can’t see how it would be called anything else.

If there is a vendor that called it a ‘mixer’, then they deserve to be flogged.