Ur824 Hi-Z clipping and audio dropouts.

Morning all

I have had a support request with Steinberg for the last week with no response.

When I purchased the UR824 the Hi-Z would clip a lot when playing my guitar through. I did speak with Steinberg at the time and just found a work around and lived with that. Now I need to use the Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass but the clipping is dreadful. Having Hi-Z on with Pad then lowering the gain alters the tone of the guitar a lot.

Are there any solutions for this.

Also I recently formatted my PC to RAID my SSD drives. During the process I downloaded the latest drivers and have found regardless of the settings I am experiencing a lot of audio dropouts even when recording.

My system is set up and configured per the requirement on the Steinberg site (multi core disables, background service etc) with all internal devices like audio and on board graphics disabled in the BIOS along with power settings.

I am wondering if it’s the drivers as the PC has not been changed apart from adding RAID and updating the drivers.

Thank you in advance, really don’t want to have to purchase another interface.


I don’t remember having these issues on my UR44 with a wide range of guitars - I believe the hardware and software are the same. You can insert a dsp level channel strip on the input channel which could increase gain somewhat, make the input channels visible in the mixer and make sure you haven’t got a dsp channel strip or amp active which is increasing gain. Most people complain these units haven’t got enough gain! Have you tried a different instrument cable?

Hi PeppaPig

Thank you for your reply.

I have tested the input with a Gibson Les Paul, James Taylor Variax and a Jackson and still the I put clips.

It’s out a channel strip issue as the clipping on the interface not within the software mixer. The Hi-Z almost seems to sensitive and needs its sensitivity bringing down.

I have seen a few posts with people experiencing the same issue. I have tested this with Steinberg a while back but rather than offer a fix they just suggested turning the gain down which as I stated alters the tone.

All DSP is turned off but as mentioned its on the physical interface (sorry I didn’t state that in my original post)

Thank you


Have you tried the pad switch ?


Yes and this still clips.

Well after having a ticket open for 17 days with Steinberg and after receiving zero contact I officially give up with this product. As a long term user of Cubase I will never purchase from this company again.

Thank you all for your suggestions.


Unfortunately I feel the same way. I have audio dropouts and clipping and have not been able to resolve the issue with a forum member. I’ve been a long time user as well and I now have to switch to Pro Tools. Totally disgusted with Cubase and the lack of a resolution program set in place. You buy the product and you are basically on your own.