UR824 - Input Channel 5 Issue

I’ve done quite a lot of searching and testing myself and am 99% sure it’s a hardware fault that’s developed but I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me out:

I own a UR824 which until very recently was working perfectly. Input channels 5 and 6 were being used for a stereo synth, panned left and right respectively. I frequently use my UR824 in a direct monitoring situation with the monitors plugged into the first set of output pairs and a rough mix set up through the dspMixFX utility. I came to play my synthesizers last night and found that no signal was coming out of the left monitor for the Korg Modwave I have plugged into channels 5 and 6. On looking at the UR824 I could see no signal input light on channel 5 when there was the corresponding light on channel 6.

Of course my first worry was a loose cable / problem with the synth. I checked everything and to cut a long story short, different cables, different synths - nothing seemed to give any signal in input 5. Now of course I was worried that it was a hardware fault with the UR824. Seeing as no computer was involved and all the other channels were still working, I could rule out a software issue. I tried turning the pot for input 5 all the way up with the pad off and suddenly signal came through, albeit horribly distorted and cutting in and out (I’ve attached a video to demonstrate this all). The Modwave is connected to the UR824 via two balanced TRS cables and has worked in this configuration for a good while… Would I be right in thinking that there’s likely a faulty analogue component on input 5?

Hi Robert
I have had similar problems with more than one interface, and one was eaily fixed (Audient ASP800) while another could not be serviced for less than it would const me to buy a new one (Presonus D8), so my only recommendation is to take it to service and get an estimate.
Or, you can do as me: I still use the D8 but only with 7 channels, and thankfully the fault is still localized to that one channel.
Good luck

Thanks for your help! I feared that would be the case… any specific businesses that you would recommend that are particularly good for this type of job?

Not unless you are in Sweden;-)
But I would start where I bought it.

Hahah cheers - was an online store about 6 years ago, but I’ll drop them a message and see what they say! Cheers for everything.