UR824 - inputs 1 and 2 only receive peaking signal

I just received my UR824 this week (used from a retail shop) but I’m having issues with inputs 1 and 2.

No matter what I do, I only get a loud peaking signal from Channel 1 and Channel 2 (the front panel inputs). Like no sound passes through at all until I turned it to the point where it would start to peak, then only really terrible sound passes through (like just the peaking signals of what is being sent). Here’s my troubleshooting list so far:

  • I tried using an electric guitar, keyboard, and microphone
    All 3 instruments were tried with/without hi-z and pad function on and the only signal that passes through is extremely degraded peaks (almost white noise but a lot of it).
  • I also tried all of these same instruments and cables on channels 3-8 and they all work perfectly fine. All of the USB functions also worked fine.
  • I tried swapping cables to see if that was the issue
  • I tried at other sample rates (44.1, 48k, 96k) - no change
  • I checked the fader levels in DSPmixFX (the mix control software included from Steinberg) and there is nothing out of the ordinary.

I have two Steinberg MR816s (firewire version of the 824) so I am quite familiar with the units, their functions, and how to use the software and I have no idea what else to try.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not a pro so others can chime in, but I had that issue in the past and It’s apparently just an issue with all steinberg Hi-z inputs. AKA they don’t work. If you get a DI box for your guitars etc. they won’t clip. mics should be fine as they are balanced. But unfortunately any unbalanced signal you’re going to have to get yourself a DI box. That’s the only solution I found. Even if it doesn’t peak it still clips.
I’ve tried CI, CI2+ and others (were released with the UR series). All the forums I’ve read tend to say the same thing.

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Closing the loop here: Yamaha Canada did a diagnosis said its a faulty logic board. Replacement is ~$750CAD for parts and labour

I just started having the exact problem with my ur44. Nowdays, having a “hi class” product, is like throwing out your money.