UR824 integrated with cubase DAW volume

How do I change the DAW volume (not master volume) when my UR824 is integrated with Cubase? Recording with other programs, I can alter the DAW volume fader on dspmixfx. In Cubase with UR824 integrated, I have to lower all the other tracks of my project in order to hear the recording mix I want. There must be a way to change the DAW volume without messing up my track levels. Please help.

Ahmm… Turning down master fader or control room?

Altering the master fader (or stereo out) affects the volume off all channels, including the vocal channel I’m trying to record. Essentially, I’m trying to lower the volume of all channels except the one(s) I’m recording.

I know that I can create a group track and send all other channels to the group track, and then lower or raise that volume…but that’s ridiculous. There’s got to be a better way. I want to lower and raise my direct monitoring volume relative the DAW’s outgoing volume.

When I use the UR824 with dspMixFx and ProTools, there’s a DAW fader separate from the master fader. Raising and lowering the DAW fader (outgoing volume) does not affect the volume of direct monitoring.

You don’t have any specs in your post or signature, so I will asume that you have Cubase PRO 8. (or Cubase 7.x “full”)

You NEED to use control room in Cubase, with CR you can control the same that with dspMixFx and so much more.