UR824 Line outputs not sending out signal from daw outs

Hi there, making a new topic on this apparently old problem. I’m having the issues connecting the Steinberg Ur824 with ableton. I ant to use the line outs to send audio from my daw outs to my external effects and can’t seem to get it to work and nobody on the internet either apparently. The audio comes in the daw out in Ableton but the Ur824 doesn’t seem to send the audio to the Line outputs no matter the settings in the cryptic DspMixFx software. I’ve contacted Steinberg about it and waiting for an hopefully optimistic response otherwise I have to switch to a different BRAND. Maybe someone here has found an answer.

This is something normally done in your DAW, but as I am not familiar with Abelton all I can suggest is that you look at this:

I hope I did not misunderstand you.

Thank for your reply. I do want to use external fx within ableton and be able to use sends to send the audio to them. The whole thing is that ableton doesn’t recognize the ur824’s line outs as outputs, so I have to route them inside the DspMixFx software which does not seem to do what it supposed to or I’m missing something. The software does give the option for a ‘daw out’ but doesn’t route that signal out the line outputs.???