UR824 not working with DSP fx on direct monitoring

I need help getting the DSP fx working under direct monitoring on a UR824 as nothing I try seems to work.

I’m running Cubase 10 Pro, the hardware options are all enabled in Cubase, and I can set the DSP fx to work in the 3rd position (where they record the fx in the signal) but I cannot get them working in the 2nd position, where they should play under direct monitoring.

They appear ok in the setup but there is no sound from them.

I’m using control room, have headphones mix 1 set to the main mix (that’s what I’m monitoring), have direct monitoring enabled on the channel (I have even tried enabling ‘listen’ on the input channels) but I can’t hear them.

I’ve looked at a few You Tube videos but they just seem to work out of the box on those, and I have had it working in previous versions of Cubase.

Is there any special setting needed in audio preferences, or cue mixes, or studio setup?

Any help any one can offer would be greatly appreciated as I’m guessing it’s something simple I’m missing?

Solved. Although I had the direct monitoring button pressed on the mixer channel, I didn’t have the direct monitoring checkbox on in the ASIO driver panel.

Easy fix

Glad you got it sorted, was about to make that exact suggestion…not that I’ve made that mistake before or anything :wink: