UR824 rev-x turn off


Hi, I have cubase 9 artist and the ur244 .
In this device there is the Yamaha rev-x reverb.
When i record something the reverb is always on and when i export the recorded the reverb is gone, i get that it is only when listening to the recorded in cubase i can hear the reverb.
My question is how do i turn it off completely. I find it kind of silly that it is on when i try to mix and then when mix is done and i export the mix sounds completely different.
Properly easy for skilled dude…but not for me :blush:

Please take a look at the “Dedicated Windows for Cubase Series” section of the manual, page 15:

Ahh… The hardware rack is not showing/empty in my mixconsule, no wonder i could not find it. Any idea how to get it viseble

I found out, sometimes you just need a hint… thanks :blush: