UR824 s/pdif optical?


I just don’t really get if the UR824 can stream & recieve optical s/pdif protocol data through any of its ADAT Optical inputs and outputs…
Can anybody tell me if it is s/pdif compatible? Is there any configuration to be applied to make it work or is it enabled by autodetection?

Please, help me out guys, thank you!

PS: In the features it’s written 2 pairs of ADAT optical I/O (doubles as S/PDIF) provide 16 in and 16 out (S/MUX compatible, 8 in and 8 out @ 96 kHz), the point is that I don’t understand what is meant by saying “doubles as s/pdif”… when I translate that to Spanish, which is my language, i get confused. :blush:


It means that you can use it with 2 x ADAT Optical I/O’s that can also be used as S/PDIF.

Perhaps you have a look at the UR824 manual page 12 (English manual) That describes a bit how it works. I currently don’t have a unit here to give you more details.



Thanks for the explanation Chris, that’s exactly what I needed to know abount those optical I/O’s.

I found the manual (had to google it, couldn’t find it directly on the product webpage) and read all the details.


I don’t understand what is meant by saying "doubles as s/pdif

lol …um i’m unclear as well here…

can the unit.
A. accept RCA SPIDIF In?
B. Can the 824 set one adat optical 8input on to monitor … while…
One Spidif in RCA is also monitoring at the same time.

meaning you can set the a optiical to optical input
the B input to Spidif?

sounds in the specs like you can have either 2 adat or 2spidif, but not a mix of both.
I want the mix of both. Can anyone clarify if i would be able to monitor both 8 adat in and 1 spidif in simultaneously? Thanks

People writing documentation should probably be careful about using English idioms (like “doubles as”). :slight_smile:

S/PDIF is the protocol used to transfer the digital data. This is independent from the type of physical connection used. You can send S/PDIF over a optical connection or you can send it electrically using RCA connecters. The UR824 obviously doesn’t have the RCA connectors, only optical.

I don’t own a UR824, but looking at the manual it looks like you can select ADAT and S/PDIF independently for ports A and B. Look at the picture of the setup window on page 12.

Hi all i have a question which might be not in the same topic if it’s am sorry but i want to know if it is possible to use the UR824 as a stand alone unit wiht my M-audio project Mix I/O via ADAT optical to have more inputs.if it’s possible how to do that? because the guyes of steinberg they said it’s possible to do use it as stand alone in their manual but it is not clear :confused: so can some boddy help me please cause am planing to get one but i need to be sure of this information first

Thank you very much