UR824: Strange Problem / Hiss at Startup

Hello evryone,

since a while I have a strange problem with my UR824.

After starting the computer and loggin in, I open as first winamp (or another non-ASIO player) and I start playing music. The music is played totaly distored. I would describe it with some kind of hiss or crackling.

When I now start Cubase (version 7.0.1) the problem is gone. Also resetting the sampling rate or latency time over the control panel in dspMixFx fixes the problem.
I think that in this moment some kind of ASIO initializing is done and the problem is fixed.

My enviroment:
PC: Asus P8Z77-V Pro, Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz, 16GB RAM, Samsung 840 SDD
Interface: Steinberg UR824 (connected at a USB 2.0 port)
Win8 x64 with latest updates
Cubase 7.0.1, UR824 Software 1.0.6

I checked at which port the interface is connected to. It is connected at a USB 2.0 port on the back. Connecting it on another port does not change anything.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software doesn’t fix the problem.
On my other computer (a HP laptop), the same problem occurs.

Because of the change to a SDD, I reinstalled my system completely. So I had the chance to make tests with a complete “clean” system. But also here the problem occurs.

I dind’t notice that behauviour with the old software 1.0.5. Going back to the 1.0.5 fixes the problem :open_mouth:

Has someone else this problems? Is this a bug in the software 1.0.6?


No one else with this problem?


I can reproduce the exact same problem by rebooting and launching windows media player, playing any material! The login sound is also distorted. The bits are crushed!

Fix is the same as in your case. My specs are in the signature. Tools are v. 1.0.6. System/driver/cubase install is 2 days old.

Here’s the workaround. Under Important note for Windows users on this page:


Works for me…


Thank you for your response.

I dindn’t see/read the comment before.


The original Text from:

Important note for Windows users:

Under certain circumstances, the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver that is part of the current TOOLS for UR package may cause distortion and noise when used with non-ASIO capable software. This can be avoided by setting the ASIO buffer size to 512 or higher.
If you need to work with lower latencies than 512 samples, please uninstall the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver V1.7.2 using the Windows software control panel.
Then, please install the driver V1.6.5 which can be found below.