UR824 Trouble Connecting Two UR824's HELP!


I have 2 UR824’s and I am having trouble recording into Cubase using the second UR824. I am not very technical and I have contacted Steinberg support but have heard nothing in 8 days. I cant find any instructions for this anywhere.

I would really like someone to walk me through this process step by step.

So far I have connected the 2 UR824’s using the “A” ADAT. I have connected the input from the first UR824 to the output of the second UR824 and the output of the first UR824 to the input of the second UR824 http://i1320.photobucket.com/albums/u528/MobAcoustic/adat_zps9dc9fbe4.jpg

I have set the first UR824 to “48k” and “Internal” and the second unit to “ADAT A” and “48k”

In the “Devices” and “Connections” menus in Cubase the inputs are there and are active.

When I select the first input on my second unit “Mono in 1 ADAT” or the 9th input in Cubase I get no sound coming in to Cubase at all. I have set the input level on the 2nd UR824 but there is no sound what so ever coming in to Cubase.

I know it is going to be something simple that I have overlooked but this is driving me up the wall and I have a few bands to record and I am already 1 week behind schedule because of this problem.

I use 64bit Cubase 6 and 7 with Windows 7 and have the same problem in both 6 and 7.

Please help


Hi MobAcoustic,

It sounds like you’re almost there. The first thing that comes to mind is if you have monitoring enabled in Cubase?

Hi Sackclothlamb

Thanks for the reply

I do have direct monitoring selected in the devices menu in cubase and I have high.lighted the monitor button on the input channel strip. but still nothing.

Maybe someone who has actually used two of these units together will explain, but my second guess would be if
the mix output is set correctly in the UR824 dspMixer. I connected the 824 to an EMU1820m via ADAT, but I only
used 1 ADAT cable out from the UR824 ADAT “A” out to the 1820m ADAT “In”. Maybe I’m missing something here?


Cheers Tim

Ive tried unplugging the one optical lead but has made no difference. I am baffled :question:

In my mind, I would close Cubase and fiddle with the UR824 dspMixer to check the settings, even
the driver dialog, then open Cubase and recheck everything. If that didn’t help, I would try another host; maybe Reaper.

I’ll give that a go.

I also have a Rain Computers Live Book laptop and I’m having the same problem which leads me to believe either the hardware is faulty or there is a box I haven’t checked somewhere.

Now that I think about it again, I would check if any other driver or software is causing the problem and maybe
un- and re- install the Steinberg driver - making sure I had the latest version. Too bad other versions aren’t available for testing. Maybe something interfering with the USB bus or something PC related (hard and software).

Lets hope it’s something simple and not a faulty device.

oops, since you’ve tried another PC with the same results, maybe an older driver comes to mind. Well my intention was to give you another thought. You’ve probably switched units around, so I would download Reaper and bypass Cubase.

Good luck!

Just a couple of quick checks:
Do both units function on their own as single units?
Assuming the above test is positive, what results do you get if you swap the two units when running in tandem, i.e. make the second unit the first and vice versa?

This may be completely wrong, but I think I remember reading here recently that a use connected two ur824s by setting them counter-intuitively: either by swapping the ins and outs or by swopping which was master and which was slave. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific - I was idly looking through threads as I’m thinking of purchasing a unit myself.


Hi thanks for the help

Yes both units work independently, I actually haven’t tried swapping the units in tandem, ill give that a go tomorrow


I think I will try reaper, at least ill know if its me or the machine.

Cheers for the help


Ive tried a few things and still nothing. I havnt tried reaper yet.

I have taken the afternoon off to try and get through to the steinberg help line but ive been sat on the phone for ever!!!

Is there any other way of contacting Steinberg that will result in a response? Ive sent support requests over 12 days ago and no reply.

OK I have narrowed it down.

I now have audio coming into the dspMixFx from my second UR824 into the first via ADAT A and then in to my PC.

I still cant get any audio, however, into Cubase so I guess there is either a box I havnt checked or some routing I dont understand.

Im still baffled but at least I can now see audio coming in somewhere even if not in Cubase.

Any ideas?

Ive Done It!!!

It works.

After my last post I shut everything down, went to Tesco, came back,turned everything on and it all works fine!!!


Thanks for everyone’s help. I think messing around in the dspMixFix must have sorted it. Thanks!! :laughing: :smiley: :mrgreen: