UR824 WDM drivers

Will these drivers ever support more than 2 channel WDM?

The WDM drivers for the UR824 are lackluster. The restriction to stereo inputs and stereo outputs is frankly sad. If it were at all possible to have access to the other 6 inputs and 6 outputs. This interface would stack up against competitors. In ASIO, the interface performs like a professional audio interface should.

In the dspMixFx it even displays a badge in the info panel “wdm 2ch” as if it was something brag worthy.

I’d like to see either of two solutions or if the engineers and designers could find a better way. Right now, we have 1 line WDM device, either that gets 8 channel or we get 3 more WDM devices for Mix 2 through 4 and be able to route our mixes through dspMixFx like we want, either through the analogue outputs or ADAT/Spdif

Im finding the solution too, i need my PC detected more than 2 WDM Ch.

Does anyone know how the 2 WDM channels are routed in the UR824?
Stereo Input = MIC/LINE 1 + MIC/LINE 2? And MIX 1 in loopback mode?
Stereo Output = LINE OUT 1 + LINE OUT 2?

Thank you