ur824 with SM7b Metallic Noise

Evening all

I am hoping you can help.

I have an SM7b running into the ur824 and recording in Cubase. Now I don’t generally record vocals or guitar via microphone (I re-amp a JVM410h) so it may be something extremely simple.

Started recording vocals and then attempted to try out the demo of Nectar to create harmonies when I noticed, without any plug ins active or even assigned, that there is a kind of digital metallic sound under the vocals. It is tracking the pitch which makes me feel it is either the microphone (I have not tried another one yet but will tomorrow) or the sound card rather than the gain or proximity.

I was wondering if any of you have experienced this and maybe have an idea of what may be causing it. When I hear demos of the microphone it sounds very clear and without any noise in the background.

Cheers guys, I have some time to record tomorrow so I am hoping its a quick fix.

Thank you


Whoops I think I submitted this in the wrong section!!