UR824 with VB-Audio virtual mixer

I don’t know what to ask exactly but here it goes.

I have problems with real-time audio and drop-outs and all the stuff already mentioned in other threads. And it’s frustrating and finally I found solution with VB-audio virtual mixer. When I use their ASIO driver to control UR824 and everything else everything works ok. But when I use Pro Tools with VB asio whole interface start lagging and i get playback error and stuff. And because of that i turned it off for few days and forgot to turn it back on. In meantime I started few projects in Cubase using Yamaha driver and it’s unusable. Interface is buggy and lags a lot. I don’t want to mention video engine, i also got drop outs while recording and glitches from time to time and random stops . I switch back to VB and everything works almost fine now.

I simply don’t understand how third party driver works better controlling DAW and working better with OS.

Make sure that you have the latest firmware and TOOLS installed:

Then install the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver:

The latest drivers fix the audio dropouts in most systems.

If the issue persists, it might be a good idea to try contacting support directly through your MySteinberg.

I tried with latest drivers and it still the same.

I’ll try contacting support directly.

I tried sending support report via mySteinberg but it seems that I can’t do that because of my location.
It only redirect me to local distributor (in Serbia) but with this problem they are probably useless.

I’m pulling my hair out!