URC got Update AXR4 Not!

So once again URC update. Version 3.0 brings not only new FX but also streaming drivers.

And AXR4 customers go out empty-handed again!

This is how Steinberg treats his customers of the flagship audio interface …



Year, would be nice to know @Stefan_Schreiber, if and when the AXR users can expect to receive an update, too.


Agreed. I spent a rediculous amount of money and then got hung out to dry. I’m really surprised that Steinberg is just dropping support. It will be impossibole to sell this unit at a decent price.

Also it was promised a while back that I could convert my firewire AXR4 to USB and then that offer was rescinded, so this unit is really becoming a dinosaur.

This has all been very disappointing.


Steinberg can continue to support this fine product and it’s users will appreciate it. They would do well for themselves to show good faith towards every product so users can trust the brand when they buy hardware.

Viva v3.0!