URGENT. 10.5.1. : Several plug-ins freeze in their insert

Since version 10.5.1, several plug-ins freeze in their insert (on the mixing console or in the inspector), whether they are Steinberg plug-ins or others (UAD here). They fall in gray and are unworkable, impermeable, unusable. I gradually abandon Pro Tools for Cubase, but this kind of bug is unprofessional and very detrimental to work and good continuity. I will go back to the previous version, but what a waste of time!

Please, urgent, how to return to the Cubase version before 10.5.1. ?!? I do not see. I uninstalled 10.5.1. I was sure that Steinberg offered the earlier version. Where would it be?

Go to the Steinberg Download page and download an earlier version. Was this a trick question?

There is no previous 10. 5. (10.5.5). I don’t want to go back to 10!

Do you have Constrain Delay Compensation turned on by any chance. It bypases inserst that exceed the threshold latency. The button (by default) is located in the transport at the bottom on the left (orange color when turned on). I know this was an issue for some people that reported some vsts not working (turned grey)

Hey ! Exactly that. I owe you a very big thank you!

But does that mean that these plug-ins have latency that needs to be corrected? How? ‘Or’ What ?

No Constrain Delay Compensation is just a helpful feature to minimize latency when recording Vsti or audio by turning off inserts that exceed certain latency value on record enabled channels, group and master chanells

During normal playback you should have it turned off so full delay compensation is working

A section from the manual: Constrain Delay Compensation

Your explanation is better than that of the manual. I understand well. I don’t know what happened with this feature. I thought it was a bug with VST3. Thanks again.

Some other people here had the same problem with 10.0.50. It got automatically turned on (no idea why) when they updated cubase.

No problem. Glad you got it sorted out.