Urgent Bug in Latest Cubase 11 / Use of 2 USB Synths


A friend and I were in the process of integrating two Waldorf Pulse into Cubase via the external instruments.

The problem is that both are connected via USB and thus appear twice under the same name “Pulse2”.

Now, when assigning the individual MIDI devices, you can select one USB each, but then you always overwrite the other device. I.e. in the end you have two MIDI devices in the list, but both run on the same USB port. This leads to the fact that you can only control one device at a time.

Are we doing something wrong?

Yes. You need to make sure that both devices use exclusive names for their MIDI ports… otherwise Windows can’t differentiate them.

How could we do this?
Even renaming to different names will be reset to the duplicate names:

The USB names are given by the sytem.

You have to change them in the system I guess…

Thanks… but no, this tool cannot help to rename the USB device names. It only uninstalls usb devices from the system so you can hook up the devices again. But even then… the names are duplicates, no increasing postfix number or so.

Easiest way would be to connect one of them using MIDI the other USB.
Also look if you internally can set a Device ID in the Pulse.

ID 0…126 This is where you enter the device identification
number for system exclusive data transmission. The
factory preset is 0.

MIDI + USB seems to be the only solution here.
But since both return SysEX data, I have to be sure to reserve a dedicated MIDI IN on some MIDI interface. This is easier with USB with only one cable.

I hope you solved your problem.
I would be interested in your pulse2 xml device file, could you share it ?

Using MIDI for one device, USB for the other one.

Could you share your Cubase xml device files ?

Where located?

Just here like this ? (download button in editor)
Cubase_MicroFreak_DeviceFactory3.xml (556.6 KB)