Urgent: can't activate licence after loss of USB Dongle

Hi there,

During my move to a new home, I have misplaced/lost one of my two usb eLicencer dongles. I have two just in case, because I have a Windows server machine that runs VEP and a macbook pro as a host.

Unfortunately, the dongle I have lost had the licence for Nuendo in there. Specifically, I had the Cubase 11, Cubase 11 to Nuendo 11 Crossgrade licences on there.

When I logged in to my steinberg account, I saw the USB dongle there with the license. I thought that if I delete that dongle from there, as I have lost it, the licences associated with it would be available to be reassigned to my second dongle.

But that was not the case. My Cubase 11 and Crossgrade licences just disappeared. I can’t activate or reactivate them either, as it says the activation code has already been used.

So for now, I am running Nuendo 13 Upgrade licence on trial mode for a few days. I am working on a time-critical project and can’t afford to wait for weeks for the support.

I have opened a ticket a few days ago, with all the invoices of my company for the licences attached, but haven’t heard anything from them. Last time I had opened a ticket, they responded about two weeks later - I can’t afford that now.

Is there any way to resolve this issue? Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance

In case of a lost eLicenser you should follow the Zero Downtime procedure

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Is your second, empty key also registered? If not, maybe that’s part of the response delay.

My understanding is that if one buys 2-3 spare elicensers, each must be registered (ready for emergency transfers if ever needed), even if we’re talking that all licenses are currently on a 4th registered key or whatever.

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Yes, the empty key is also registered.

Yes, but that’s not possible if the licencer doesn’t show in the account anymore, correct?

I guess this needs to be solved by Steinberg employees. Maybe @Ed_Doll can help you here.