Urgent help : midi latency when PLAY/REC


I’m on the road responding fast to a client. And i realise this setup I rarely use has a latency issue :
I use a Maudio keyboard over USB, a fireface UC (just updated the driver).
All is ok when using VSTi. But when I play my modular using midi out of soundcard I have a major latency on MIDI.
in STOP, There’s no latency, modular plays as soon as i press keyboard.
But if I Playor Rec nuendo (11.0.20) there’s a 1sec delay in MIDI :stuck_out_tongue:
what is recroded by nuendo is in place so when i playback what i just record it’s ok… but for monitoring playing with 1sec delay is impossible.
SC buffer doesn’t help. I tried the latency compensation thing… don’t know where to look I never had this and need to solve it asap :stuck_out_tongue: !!
thx for any help

Turn off Midi clock and it’s working fine now !
So I’m happy for now but… it’s a bit sad there’s this issue with midi clock. Anyone experience this ? is it related with RME ?

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