Urgent: How to export both mono and stereo tracks at the same time?

Hello. I have an arrangement with both stereo and mono tracks. I want to export all of the tracks to stems. I want the mono tracks to stay mono and the stereo tracks to stay stereo. I don’t see a way to do this in the Export Audio tracks screen? I see mono downmix and interleaved but not both! If I do mon down mix is turns all stereo files to mono. If I do interleaved it turns all mono files to stereo! Ugh. Why does this have to be so complicated? Little help?

You have to ensure that effects are disabled (Dry export).

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I watched that. He says you have to disable effects (“DRY”) to get the mono and stereo tracks to export together? That can’t be the only way to do this. If it is, Steinberg has more work to do on this export feature

Running a mono signal through effects chain will be processed as a stereo signal to accommodate both, that’s basically why.

When a stereo file is identical on left and right side, the result is the same as playing back a mono track. So will be the same content, just in a stereo file.

Obviously, if you need mono files then yes, it’s something Steinberg should maybe consider - presuming the tracks you’re exporting are mono tracks, and not just mono files?

I see. Thanks for that explanation. So it sounds like I need to export everything as stereo files.

Yes, or create two queues, one for stereo, the other for mono? i.e.:

Select all stereo tracks, set “export as” and add to queue:

Select all mono tracks, set “export as” and add to queue:

Once you have those two queues, you can use them to export again.

I’m really not sure that’d give you much more than just whacking everything out to stereo as per default though, like I say a mono file is playing the same L+R signal, and a stereo file with the same L+R signal is basically the same.

If you’ve applied any effects to those mono audio that features any kind of stereo detail, it would be lost in a mono mixdown of course.

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Very helpful. I appreciate the great explanations and illustrations. Cheers