URGENT REPLY PLEASE REPLY Covid 19 lockdown need Temp licence

We are the national broadcaster in New Zealand, and are considered an essential service.
We own 2 Nuendo 10 workstations. We also have multiple operators who now need to work from home. It is not possible, under lockdown conditions to physically share these 2 dongles.
We may be able to purchase extra dongles, but the supplier is likely to be in lockdown too.
Can temporary software licences be issued for multiple users??
Or if we are able to access more dongles from the supplier can we we get duplicate or temp licences.

Avid are issuing temp licences, and as a result we have one overworked operator mixing all the audio.

Trying to contact via web page we are going round in circles

“Zero Downtime” or Do we go to protools???

Please reply asap. Even by PM if necessary.

pm sent.

You can generate a trial key for Nuendo immediately https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/steinberg_trial_versions/nuendo.html

To answer your questions, Nuendo doesn’t have a multi-user license, and unfortunately a software elicenser is not available.

Time or a paradigm shift.

Steinberg, please act on this issue. It’s not just pandemics that make the dongle a weak link in the workflow. But this is a great example of how we need a better system.

You can do it!



maybe “VirtualHere” is a solution for you.
It will virtually attach the dongle via Internet to the desired machines.
I tried for testing only a while ago, and it worked. (I tried Synology NAS as server and Win Laptop as client).
The free trialedition is for one USB device from a server (Mac or Win) to one client.
If it is not the right thing for you, you don’t have to buy it.

Hope it helps,