Urgent: Undo accidental change to empty volume automation curves!


We absolutely need this … I, for myself, keep accidentally hitting group, FX, or other type of channels’ volume automation curve which are empty (no points), and this creates a point and changes the volume settings of the channel accidentally without any way to revert back to what it was… My memory being what it is (like most of us), I cannot recall all channel volume settings by heart!

This issue causes a lot of wasted time to reajust these channels’ levels and is pretty much a non-sense that it is not recorded in the activity history for Undo/Redo at this time…

This is an URGENT request to add this feature --> UNDO to previous value accidentally drawn point on empty automation curve (volume usually). Now it doesn’t UNDO it to previous level, just removes the point, so you could miss value adjusted for hours). Neither in global undo nor in mixer undo at this time.

Thank you so much,


You can undo it in the MixConsole History, or am I wrong?

Btw, Feature Request posts fit to the Feature Request thread.

Good luck with this one, I somehow doubt we’ll see a fix. This has caused me so many headaches, seems like such a basic usability improvement. I have gotten used to just locking tracks so I don’t accidentally change the volume.

[CTRL] - Z ??


One would think, but no. The node is removed but the volume is not restored. Mixer undo doesn’t work either.

Still an issue on 10.5.12 here :frowning: