Urgently need to get hold of a VG2 License

Hi there forum moderators, I’ve emailed 3 times through my support portal but don’t think it’s working as I haven’t had a reply and there is no confirmation when I click to send the email after not finding my answer in the Knowledgebase suggestions so I’m going to try and post here.

I realize that Virtual Guitarist 2 is now a legacy product but I desperately need to get an additional VG2 upgrade license. I already have one that works but my partner has VG & VG-EE from back in the day and didn’t get around to upgrading to VG2 and we have projects that we’re working on that heavily use VG2 and both need to be able to work on them from different places.

I realize that it’s a discontinued product but is there any way that she can purchase a VG2 license? I already have a spare Steinberg Key so that’s not a problem, we just basically need another VG2 license and to find out how much this would cost and if it’s even possible. I hope it’s something you could do as theoretically it should be a simple affair - just a license download and off we go - I have everything else (the components, library, etc).

If so, please let me know what you would need from me and what the next steps would be.

Many thanks and really hoping you can help!!