US License to international?

I’m not sure where to post this, sorry if I am placing it in the wrong place…

few weeks ago I ordered my first boxed Cubase7 full product from Amazon, since I am not living in the USA I had to ship it to my country (Jordan) through an international shipping company…
the amazon dealer didn’t state that the Product is a (US Retail) only, it was a trap for me, I am so disappointed because it is hard for me to return the product back since It costed me around 150 $ extra for the shipping, and the Tax and Customs in my country, that if we disregard that I waited over a month to receive it… and if I return it back I am gonna waste way lots of money and time…
I had to activate my product, because I have urgent work that cannot wait…

I wanted to contact the support to see what can I do, and it leaded me to the closest dealer to my country which is in Dubai, which is way far country and hard to contact with, they don’t have Email, or support forum… and I am stuck in communication, because Steinberg only suggests for me to contact that hopeless dealer who is hard to reach. and doesn’t respond or probably exist… the forums here was my only way to talk about my problem…

  • What can I do? who can I contact?

  • Is there is a way where I can switch my Licences from US to International?

  • Does it harm to keep my US licences, and work with it internationally?


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Hello all,

I can definitively not say or explain why the Cubase 7 US version has been implemented.
But I can help you solve some of the other questions.

This message is a notification and will not impede the operation of the product, nor will it keep legitimate customers from receiving technical support or customer service.

That is true, click on ok and the license should download correctly.

The license will be flagged as Cubase 7 US, so even though you transfer the license to a different eLicenser the local distributor will know it was purchased on the US.

Some distributors or local dealers might not want to provide support if you have not purchased the software with them.
Some others might not have a problem with it, as long as you are register in that country. E.g. Australia, Canada.

It does not matter where you have purchase Cubase or if you have a US license, you can always download and install the free maintenance updates.
No matter where you are you can always request support from the Steinberg Headquarters using the Support Request Form on your MySteinberg account or through the official forums.

here’s the whole thread

Thank you, that was helpful!

your welcome , I hope you enjoy your C7 :wink: