USA Storms

Everone ok? We had a close call with a tornado this afternoon and was wondering how the rest of you in the path of the storm had fared? Ive seen stuff this severe before, just not over such a big area.

It was crazy up here too, John.

Had to call sessions as a result because the power was acting crazy. We all then decided to drink wine and hang out instead to see if it would pass, then I chanced it and got them a quick mix of one of the songs we were working on.
Supposed to be mixing today but power keeps dimming and now I am hearing loud pops coming from outside when the power dims, PECO energy on the way.

Girlfriend had to drive 40mph (65mph turnpike normally) to get here last night to hang out with me and the band.
Screwy weather. All my treed seem to still be standing though.

Awful over there just now, a few people have been killed by falling trees. Be safe peeps :sunglasses:

Just a bit further north from Tom (2h 30m driving) the rain was torrential and some of the roads flooded, but I think that was the extent of it up here.

That’s good to hear. Even though the wind picked up like crazy, it was by us in about 10 minutes. But there was a report of a “tornadic thunderstorm” just a couple of miles to our west. No verification yet (not really too concerned about the “bragging rights”). But no major damage around here.

Be safe, everyone.

During my 5 hour drive back down from the north to Toronto, I experienced high winds, snow, freezing rain, ordinary rain and some very powerful gusts, blowing some cars across lanes, even a few ended up in the ditch… same system as you guys down south, just not as intense on the wind side of things. Certainly not normal for mid-April.

Stay safe.

This is why we fly South for the winter. :wink:


Sending prayers and much Aloha.

To those abroad, and who might not have heard, the latest set of storms wiped out parts of towns and neighborhoods, leaving over 200 dead. This, along with the flooding in the central states will be yet another costly disaster, affecting probably 10 states (more or less). I’m just checking in to see how you all fared.

It is looking like this April will be in the record books for the worst month regarding storm damage.

Here in Central Illinois, we’re relatively safe from the vicissitudes of life: no earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorists, volcanoes, and other such horrors. However, we do have the prospect of frequent tornadoes, mostly in Spring. The devastation from a single tornado doesn’t usually cover a large area, but where it does touch down the wreckage can be total.

I thought a few days ago I read where 46 had been killed down South… and now yesterday, 200 more? That’s terrible news.


Thanks for posting that Glyn. Though we were spared here in Maryland, much of the south and east of the country had damage of some sort, and flooding to the north, which might have also broken records. The only reason that isn’t on the front pages is that the storms shoved it off the map.

It is starting to look like the cost of recovery may be the thing that finally destroys our already broken economic system in the US.

Hi John

I’d got this news from my girlfriend in San Antonio, about three hours ago, who was emailing me with relief that her sister, Fayetta, had survived. Fayetta was in Alabama at the time. I hear you as you say the storms shoved your local floods off the map. Similar to how we’re having to do a ‘generic’ song in empathy with natural disasters. ‘Thick and fast’ seems to be the order of events and/or publicity. Glad you’re OK.

The widespread fires in Texas have also been terrifying.