Usability note on D4 lower zone MIDI

I’ve got a Eizo square monitor 24"x24", so I have lots of vertical space unlike a landscape monitor. However with that in Write mode and adding CC’s

The difficulty is I can’t choose how much space is allocated to the MIDI roll, and the automation graph. So I can’t see which notes I’m automating. Making it bigger (this would be hard/impossible on many landscape monitors)

The automation graph is too large, and the score is eaten up.

Anyhow just a note that this is kind of difficult to use w/out allocating more space to the MIDI roll.

Looks great though!

Yes, in a forthcoming maintenance update you will be able to stack multiple editors up on top of each other and determine their relative sizes. As you may be able to tell, the initial version still has a lot in common with its iPad-based progenitor, but we will extend its capabilities in maintenance updates as quickly as we can.

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Note for others: Using the Link Icon is much more usable and basically fixes the issue (as a workaround) on my monitor

Appears to be only an issue if you’re not using link mode

Oh Mein Gott @dspreadbury , this is a lifesaver! I’ve been avoiding humanizing since I got Dorico because it was such a PITA, now it’s easy even to just toss in some drawn curves. Faster than being in playback mode and pushing sliders. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Adding in the tempo track will complete it.

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