Usage of Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 at the same time

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to run Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 at the same time to switch between the 2 programs without having to re-enable/switch the audio driver each time? When I’m working with one program and want to switch quickly, the audio output (Steinberg UR44) doesn’t work with the other program because the audio driver is already in use…

Do you understand my problem…?

Thank you for any feedback/ hints & best wishes!

Yes, that is a known issue. The workaround is to use in one of the programs the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (or ASIO4ALL or FlexASIO), probably better on Dorico side because latency is less of a problem on that end.
To set this up in Dorico, go to Edit > Device Setup, choose the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver and then click on the Control Panel button, a new little window opens. In there have a look at the output port list. If your UR44 is not listed there, untick the option at the top of that window saying something about exclusive access. When the UR44 turns up, simply click the checkmark in front and close the dialogs.


Dear Ulf!

That’s the solution! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your help!!

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Hello again!

It’s strange but I cannot find my UR44 in the output port list anymore… (Dorico runs with Generic Low Latency ASIO as suggested and Cubase with YAMAHA Steinberg USB ASIO)

Also when I am unticking the option at the top about exclusive access in Dorico…

Is there another solution so that Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 (both software from Steinberg!!!) could run at the same time…??? Do I need another Audio Interface or another adapter/ driver…???

Thank you very much for your appreciated help!

Are Cubase and Dorico set to the same sample rate? It will only work under that condition.

Hy Ulf! You are AMAZING!!! That’s the reason!

Thank you very much and best wishes!


:smiley: You are more than welcome.
If only all cases here would be so easy to solve :wink:

you should also try banana voicemeeter. There better latency performance then generic low latency…see my post 3days ago
best regards

Hello Dup

Which one do I exactly have to install? I wasn’t able to get the sound out of Dorico/Cubase via your suggested banana voicemeeter… Do you have a step-by-step installation guide?

Like the UR_22c sound card and I think the other UR’s too, as @Daniel said are drivers are not multi-client capable on Windows.
I use voicemeeter banana because the latency is low and everything works perfectly. I use a lot of different software and have had to test a lot of things to have performance/simplicity to also work in parallel with video capture software and others. (obsstudio, screenpresso, Snagit, after effects, etc.)
One of my observations is that as soon as you have to change the settings in the sound windows pages and change settings and choices above all, you are quickly confronted with recurring problems and it quickly turns into a nightmare: it works a step and the next day it doesn’t work anymore, etc. and we start again, we try to open one program before the other, etc…
So my conclusions:
Here are some printscreens with the configurations I have when I have to use the UR22c or urmkII sound card.
To give you an example I opened 4 applications in parallel: Dorico - Cubase12 - Wavelab Pro11 and After effect

Dorico - cubase and wavelab at 44.100 and after effect in 48.000

  1. load first voice bannnana
    Then here are the config of the other:
    and for aftereffects in 48.000

you can have either :
With these configuration you can switch when you want from to another program without problem
Best regards


P.s: did you also instal the

and select it as output here it can be useful?

I apparently installed the wrong app:

It seems I am missing a banana… and installed the Voicemeeter without the fruit :bowing_man:

yes, you have to be greedy and Bananas boost the immune system haha!

Dear Dup

Thank you very much for your instructions! It works quite good, but unfortunately Dorico crashes after a few times of changing (or opening new projects…).

If I would re-start Dorico, then it stops with this screen and I have to re-start the whole computer again…

Do you have the same experience…?

Best wishes!


You don’t need to restart the computer, just open the task manager, search for the Steinberg VstAudioEngine and kill that process.
After that Dorico will restart again.

… unfortunately, there is no Steinberg VStAudioEngine visible in the Task Manager after the crash…

… it seems, that Dorico & Cubase (at the same time running) crashes more than before…

If necessary I have to buy another Interface (Motu?) which is multi client capable on Windows?? But it’s really strange, that Steinberg doesn’t offer a solution, which really works with their own products…!!!

I’m interested to learn about the specific requirements you have for running Dorico and Cubase at the same time. Are you trying to do some kind of conforming of the same musical material between separate projects in each application?

I agree that it would be great if Steinberg’s interfaces were multi-client capable on Windows. I’m certain that our colleagues at Yamaha, who are responsible for the development of the hardware and the drivers for the Steinberg-branded interfaces, are very well aware of these needs.


Dear Daniel

Thanks for your answer!

… I have to be more clear: I would like to switch between Dorico 4 & Cubase 12 very quickly, so that I could let open both programmes and play the projects without any problems of the audio…

Would a motu Interface solve these problems because it’s multiclient capable? If yes, could you tell me which model?

Hi @lycalp , I think the crashes that you are experiencing are not related to running Cubase in parallel. Therefore, please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks