USB 3.0 2.0 Issues (New Build)

Having serious issues with a USB device, Carillon RTM2. It connects internally to the USB 2.0 header. If booting the PC and connecting the device to a header the device recognises, names itself ‘Carillon RTM2’ (as it should) and works perfectly, no need for any form of installation. Reboot and it fails ‘Unknown USB Device (Descriptor Request Failed)’.

I already have ‘Selective Suspend’ turned off and disabling/enabling ‘Fast Boot’ didn’t help.

Deleting the faded devices and unplugin it, turning off the PC, turning on the PC and plugging it into a different port is the only way to get it to work again. Unplugin and plugin it back in normally gets other issues like ‘Carillon RTM2’ with the warning symbol in device manager or it will show as an Audio device, with the warning symbol.

z390 A Pro
i7 9700k
PCIe NVME Samsung 970 Pro (As Boot)
16 GB 3000 C15 Vengeance RAM

I suspect it’s down to USB 3. When viewing by connection, all the USB ports go through the USB 3. I was a bit disappointed the z390 Pro A only has the 1 hub (which will limit the use of other hardware, my Virus TI synth, it needs the full bandwidth of a Hub, USB 1.1, not shared, to not experience Mr Crackles, snap crackle and pop). My old mother board (which had USB 3) has quiet a few hubs and a separate chip set for the 3.0 and 2.0. When looking in the manual at the internal headers for the z930 A Pro, the outside top ports being 2.0 only, I presumed this board would be the same. Both builds were W10 and the Carillon RTM2 device worked perfectly in the old machine, ruling it out as a W10 old hardware compatibility issue.

I’ve spent a day on this 1 fault now, any HELP! would be greatly appreciated. It the last issue of my new build. Thank you.