USB A&H ZED14 mixer to RME HDSPe AIO

Hi List, I’ve connected my Allen & Heath ZED 14 Mixer via the provided USB Cable to my PC running WIN7 Cubase Pro9. In Windows I can see the connected USB Mixer connected and an audio input signal is showing. But in Cubase I cannot connect the input because only the RME soundcard in- and outputs are showing but not the USB input.I have a RME HSPe AIO soundcard.

Any idea how to connect it?

Thanks for your support


  1. Does the mixer have an ASIO driver? If so make sure it’s been installed.
  2. Unless you use asio4all you can’t have more than one audio device in use at the same time with Cubase. Asio4all is generally not the best driver in other respects.

I would avoid the usb from A&H and do analog to RME.