USB ambisonics microphone not visible in Cubase

I have bought 3rd an Ambisonics mic Zylia ZM-1, installed the drivers and I can record with it but Cubase 12 Pro does not see it in the Studio Setup.
Please help!

I don’t have any experience with this particular microphone, but Cubase requires ASIO drivers for audio interfaces. Does this device have ASIO drivers?
Did you try contact the manufacturer for support? Personally, that’s where I would start.


To be able to use an USB microphone, you mostly need the ASIO4ALL, because you also need an output. Therefore you have to merge 2 audio devices to one, where does the ASIO4ALL play its role.

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak . I belive ASIO4ALL is only for Windows. Is there any equivalent for Mac? Will my UR44C will work then well?

Zylia only has a info on Nuendo see below - but I contacted their support.

I saw below picture so I thought it shoud recognize the microphone with its own drivers.

I don’t have a Mac but I know you can aggregate interfaces so use a different input and output. Just google it. I would never advise anyone to get a usb microphone for DAW recording. They are just not flexible at all and actually make it harder than getting a usb audio interface and a mic. I would sell it and get an audio interface and mic. USB mics are one of the worst things that have come out.

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I do have traditional mics and the interface UR44C but this one is an ambisonics mic that has 19 mics inside and allows amazing spatial recordings. I can record via their dedicated software and export to DAW as multichannel tracks but i was hoping for a shortcut.

If you are able to configure the microphone in macOS Core Audio, it is possible to use it in Cubase.

@mkok so I managed to set up in Midi the agreggated device UR44C + Zylia ZM1 - so I have 20 inputs from Mic, 6 from URC and 6 outputs in URC - it looks I managed to make it work. But will need to test

@st10ss not exactly sure how to do it

I bought a yeti usb mic recently. I own a few expensive condenser mics and interfaces so my decision was based more on convenience and using it for simple dictation than trying to go cheap on recording gear. But I like the plug and play aspect for doing a quick draft vocal. That said…

I got it working on a Mac using an aggregate device. There are a few things going on that need to be right, including turning monitoring on and also making sure that the Audio MIDI setup shows that the input is coming from the mic. Definitely more of a hassle than XLR, but it’s doable.

However, I haven’t been able to get it going in Cubase on my PC. I’m sure there’s a struggle ahead in that regard.