USB Audio Input Signal Strength

I am trying to record a church service, so I am only using a audio channel. I am using a Yamaha MG1XU that has bundled with it the Cubase software. I am tying to record to a Windows 10 laptop and using the lasted Yamaha driver. The signal in is very low and I have to boost the signal to maximin to get any output volume. Is there a way of bosting the signal before Cubase. Either at the mixer or in software?

What microphones are you using? Do they require Phantom Power? If so, you need to turn on Phantom Power on the MG1XU. Otherwise, in the MG1XU look up Gain

I provide some info on how to do this in Cubase below, but you should be doing this in your mixer instead. As Steve mentioned, you first want to be sure that the mics are powered if they need phantom. But also, you should be outputting the loudest non-clipping signal you can from the mixer into Cubase.

But for what it’s worth, you can adjust the pre-gain for a track by opening up the MixConsole and adjusting the Gain setting in the audio channel’s Pre section:

If you don’t see a Pre section in MixConsole, you might have to enable it from the Racks menu:


I am using a wireless mic with phantom power switched on.

Thank you for the idea. I will have a look at my settings. We used to record our sermons before the covid and I think I did something with this setting.