USB-c midi in + headphone monitoring with only 1 USB-C tablet input

I have a Lenovo Tablet with a trial of Cubasis 3LE. Connects fine with my keyboard, but How do I monitor through 3.5mm jack headphones when I only have one USB input that’d already taking the keyboard data in?

Do I need a simple splitter, OTG, audio interface? Or what? Checked similar questions on the forum, none had a resolution.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

As you are talking about Cubasis 3LE, I move your post from the Cubase section to the Cubasos.

I recommend to buy an Audio Interface where you can listen to both or where you have multiple in and outputs. There are cheap ones with very good sound quality avaliable on amazon store. I have the ESI U22 XT it has one usb A port that you only need to plug into a USB Switch that is connected to the official Apple Camera USB Reader. The Audio Interface needs additional power, therefore you need to have the apple camera connector because it provides a addional power supply input slot for usbc. So you can run the entire thing . All what you then need addional are 6.5 mm jack adapters for your headphones.