Usb-c to usb-c cable for UR44c?

Hi, I bought an UR44c because my new imac M1 only has usb-c. But to my surprise, it came with an usb-A output cable (only USb-c for the soundcard, but USB-A for the mac). And the manual says: don’t use usb hubs.
Does anyone has this problem and a solution? Should I buy another USB-C to c cable?

Kind regards Jos
iMac M1 24", 8x8, 16 Gig Ram

Yes, it’s a questionable choice, but they simply assumed most people would have (at least) a type-A port available on their computer, and fewer would have only a type-C available. A reasonable assumption few years ago, but with the rising popularity of type-C connectors, I guess they should start including a type-C to -C cable in the box in the coming years.

But in the meantime, yes, you’ll need to buy one.
Don’t cheap-out on the cable - the cheaper cables are often good for charging only, no data.

As most vendors, they do not recommend using a USB hub to avoid support issues, but I use one myself without issues. Avoid if you can (keep it simple), but most ‘quality’ hubs will work fine.

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I am also using UR44C with the usb-c to usb-c cable. Had to buy the cable separately. It works fine. I like that I can use it bus powered. Which is not possible when using usb-a port.

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Very good tip to look for data cables, thanx alot. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for confirming that. I’ ve just ordered an usb-c data cable. :slight_smile:

Side note: It will work fine also on many USB-A ports as well, albeit not all.
The power available on a USB-C port is larger (much much larger in some cases!..), but the power from a recent USB-A port (usually near ~5W) is often plenty sufficient for small interfaces, esp. if not driving all 8x line-outs and 4x phantom power, plus headphones to their max.

For completion… note also “USB-A” per se is not a spec, but these days it usually means a USB 3.x port on a Type-A connector (with 4.5W min., often more).
The Type-A connector on older machines (just few years) can also be USB 2.x (rarely now USB 1.x), and these could supply about 2.5W only. Still enough for some interfaces, but often not.

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I have a UR44C which when I tried to connect to my M1 Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt (USB-C cable, would only work as USB2.

It works with USB3 when connected to a USB-A port.

Anyone have any ideas on getting it to work with Thunderbolt?