More laptops are changing to USB-C, good thing…

What about dongles? is there any possibility to exchange the one i own to a usb-c dongle?

No one on support or here won’t answer… good stuffs

Go to the shop. Can you see USB-C eLicensers available anywhere ?
Well, question answered. Hopefully support can get more serious problems solved…

Well, this is a serious question, they must have a plan for the future dont you think?
Should they just let all the new machines out there be without dongles? thats pretty dumb if you ask me.

A new dongle, minimalistic small, would be nice to see… just my opinion.

And this is a serious answer - Probably they do have a plan for the future, and you will know, when it is announced here, or available in the shop.

Are there any machines out there without any legacy USB ports at all…? Probably not, but if there are, you can still buy USB C - to USB Adaptors in the meantime…