USB device hot plug - Cubase 10 loses audio (when C9 didn't)

Ever since upgraded to Cubase 10, it started to fail to restore the Audio Interface after it’s power-cycled.

Sometimes the Audio Interface (RME UCX) gets stuck in the driver, but with C9.0, once the Audio Interface is power-cycled, Cubase restores the audio output and continues to work flawlessly.

Once Cubase 9.0 detects that the Audio Interface is missing, it pops up a dialog and asks for the possible output choices. I actually don’t have to touch this dialog, once the power is restored Cubase automatically reconfigures the output and continues to work as if nothing happened.
This USB device recover capability had been one of my favorite recently-added features.

Cubase 10 reacts to Audio Interface drop the same way at least at the surface, but unfortunately the audio signal gets lost afterwards.
As a matter of fact, there seems to be no audio processing at all. None of the peak meters in any of the tracks show audio activities. I have to assume it’s something inside Cubase.
Only the workaround when this happens is, to quit and restart Cubase.
(Which is, of course, a pain when dealing with larger projects.)