USB Dongle database is corrupted and shows error on step 5 “solving open issues”

Hi, I have a small problem here with elicencer. Bought 2 plugins at same time, used a download assistant to install and activate them as normal. First went as normal but second ended to mistake ( colors loft-tapes ) during activation. Now my main dongle’s database is corrupted and shows error on step 5 “solving open issues”. Elicencers ask to update eLD (…is out out of date and needs to be updated). When updating eLD,-> database was already up to date. And ask to update eLD once again, endless loop…

Removed and reinstalled elicencer, no help. Tried to move one licence to new USB dongle, but ended to error so transfers are not possible, “transfer pending” and licence is greyed to unknown application. Adding new licences to new dongle works as normal, while taking main dongle away. Colors loft-tapes is not showing under my account and while try to add it’s licence to new dongle, code is already used…

I made a requests tickets 23 days ago, after 5 days it’s status have changed to solved without any support what to do… opened that again by replaying. There are lots of licences on that dongle and I guess that it’s not possible update products like cubase or Arturia without repairing dongles database.

None help from steinberg?

Hi Jukka, sorry to read you’re having problems with your e-licenser dongle.

First question. Are you sure that the Colors loft-tapes is to be activated on the dongle and not the new licensing system? Have you had a look in SAM?

As for issues with the dongle, not too sure. You could try uninstalling the e-licenser software, shut down the PC and remove the Dongle, turn the PC on and install the e-licenser software and try using a different USB port. If that still fails and If you have another PC, you could try it in there just to be 100% sure the Dongle is corrupted.

I’m not too technical with issues like this, I usually go by trial and error.

Would be great if someone else with more knowledge could chime in.

Good luck.

Hi, Yep done all, it’s not under new licensing system. Done reinstall and reboot procedure couple times… And working under MacOs

Main dongle’s database eLD is not update… while checking other dongles they are OK… so elicenser works as it should be and it’s possible to add licenses to new dongles while main dongle is unplugged.
Performing maintenance tasks to main dongle stops to “recovering licence transactions” under “solving open issues” and step 5 is failed. Then licenser ask to perform eLD to correct database, but that didn’t help (loop "update database eLD, database is out of date / database was already update / update database…) so database is out of date and elicencer can’t correct it.

It’s not possible to move licences from my main dongle to other dongles using elicencer, they hangs to “transfer pending” mode and licence is not available anymore. Main dongle itself seems to be ok. Transferring licenses between dongles works normal, when main dongle is unplugged.

I can’t see Colors lofi-tapes under my account (neither under elicencer base products or steinberg licensing base products)… so that activation procedure is in stuck somewhere and causes this problem. I have created support requests ticket in october with no answer… ( only that support changed ticket status to solved without helping or taking contact, now it’s open again 'cause I reply to ticket… but have been silence by support with that ticket).

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Support ticket is still there open with no contact from support team! But yeah, they ask feedback, how happy i’m for support 8)

Maybe it’s broken, in which case you can do a Zero Downtime request. (search on the support page)

Now licences and eLD are ok… needed help from support to fix this problem.
(reactivate all licences to new dongle with new codes).

Thanx for support solving this and also to third companies also for reactivating their licences.