USB Dongle Doesn't Show in eLicense Control Center

I purchased Cubase Artist 6 Retail. Loaded on Win7 machine. Used for a few times. About two months later attempted to use again. The eLicense Control Center does NOT show the USB dongle. However based on the FAQs - says to try and load on another machine to confirm the dongle is ok. Well it works on another machine - showing the USB dongle in the control center. When I go back to my original machine - doesn’t show. Won’t let me reactivate or nothing. It gives me an X in the device manager for the dongle?

Any ideas?

I’ve done manual deleting of files, reinstallation of the entire Cubase 6 - and update and still nothing.

It is sad to spend all this money and it just work like it is supposed too…


If it works on another machine (and the dongle is ok) then maybe the USB port on the first machine is bad? Also, make sure you have the latest version of eLincenser software.

Hello Emptysetjeff,

Please download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center on your computer. Please disconnect the USB elicenser and disable background programs like a virus scanner first before you start the installation. Please be sure that you have admin rights during the installation !!

After that you can connect the USb eLicenser again, and start the eLicenser Control Center to see if the dongle is beeing recognised.