USB Dongle / How long to get it?

I searched and did not find the exact answer - I just bought Cubase 11 pro and downloaded and installed but it will not run without the dongle - is there NO way to run it in maybe like a trial mode until the dongle arrives?

How long does it take the dongle to ship and arrive in you experiences? (basically if I have to wait - how long will my misery be? LOL)


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Sorry, there is no way. Even Cubase Pro Trial requires the USB-eLicenser.

The only way is to ask for Cubase Elements Trial, which is USB-eLicenser free.

It depends on your location.

Yes, I already have the Trial Elements

Thanks - I’m in the US / Florida

Getting it from a Guitar Center or other local retail store is gonna be the fastest. For delivery I’d use Sweetwater over the Steinberg online store (aka Asknet).

Thanks - yeah I already pulled the trigger on the Steinberg site because I didn’t know any better :confused: now I’m just curious as to how long I’ll have to wait is all

My impression is that it has become increasingly inconsistent during the pandemic.

Buy another one locally from a music store and then resell the other one later. You won’t lose much money if it’s unopened.

Ahhh! that’s a great idea! I’ll swing by Guitar Center today


Except the dongle market is gonna drastically shrink when Cubase 12 comes out.

True :slight_smile: but #1 it’s too late - already picked up the dongle and am making music right now :slight_smile: and #2 I’ll probably not be the first to jump on 12 when it hits - maybe after the first “oh crap” update LOL

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It won’t be either Cubase 11 or 12, you can run both and you will already own both because of the grace period.

It’s not a bad idea to keep both. Good to have a spare. Besides Zero Down Time, you might also find occasions where it’s nice to put some of your keys on some other dongle/machine and divy up tasks.

There might even be a day when those are in ‘high demand’. Kinda like people paying over 2 grand for Stock Atari Falcon 030 with a Cubase Audio Falcon dongle and a few other interfaces to go with…it seems like almost yesterday you could pick those up for around $600 a pop with a lot of goodies in the box. Now people ask and get crazy money for those retro bits.

I don’t know if a working Steinberg dongle would ever fetch ‘that much’, but I can easily imagine a day when it’ll be worth well more than you’d pay for it now.

Depending on how this VST2 thing is handled…people with ‘old project archives’ might be ‘forced’ to roll back to dongle-only versions to revive old projects with minimal fuss (lets hope not. If they do at least one fully native M1 release for the Mac people that can do VST2 (Apple won’t keep Rossetta in the OS forever…if history is any indication 2 years at best), and a couple for us Windows people that still has it for the new Licenser system…we all should be OK. If not…those dongles might become quite the commodity!

They really should do at a least a couple of VST2 releases of all their plugins for the new Licensing system as well. One to get it working with the new system, another release or two to ‘get out any bugs’ that might pop up in the process. Otherwise, a LOT of people will be left in the dust with their ‘project archives’…with NO WAY to ‘roll back’ once their ‘dongle dies’.

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