USB dongle is a nightmare - cannot upgrade the license.

Ok, I bought this piece of crap USB dongle and also Cubase Artist 8.5 upgrade from my Cubase Elements 8.
I wanted to upgrade my license, but eLicenser said that I need to transfer my license to the USB thing first, which I did and it was successful. So I started the license upgrade and it hangs every time (see the screenshot).

Windows 10, tried multiple USB ports. The latest version of eLLC.

I cannot even use my Cubase Elements now. Whenever I run it it freezes. Same for Cubase Artist 8.5.
I have a great shiny piece of crappy USB hardware now, but my software is unusable.

If you still have this issue I would recommend you try running elicenser software as administrator and running maintenance first. If this succeeds try the upgrade again.

I am having a very similar problem I very recently got 8.5 Pro upgrade from Cubase 4 and it won’t connect with the eLicenser
Now it says it is activated and I got it open …then made the silly mistake of doing the Steinberg update for 8.5 Pro and now it won’t open at all and keeps asking for me to activate it but won’t activate with the latest code I got
On My Steinberg page it says it is activated
I get a pop up keeps saying it has lost connection with the eLicenser. I have done the maintenance on the licenser every time
The lap top is new, the dongle is new …Is it an issue that the Mac has USB 3 and the dongle ( new ) wants USB 2 ? …If so then I am screwed…Love some solution to this…so frustrating
I love Cubase and want to stick with it but this is so discouraging I am getting more and more tempted to give up and fork out the big bucks and buy another program…which I don’t want to do really at all…
My wish is that Steinberg would get rid of the dongle and protect the software like other companies do without having a piece of hardware…it is so clumsy…That aside I would love to get advice as to what the issue source is and get it fixed