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Hi there, I have a question regarding usb dongle. I am using Cubase 10.5 pro on my desktop system and Cubase 10AI on my laptop. I only have 1 USB dongle to run both the software, changing again & again, is it possible to make replica of this dongle?

What I want to do is, I want to save this hardware (USB Dongle) and if possible I could run with my laptop as well independently.

Actually I have very important data on this USB dongle, I am worried if something goes wrong I would not have backup of this USB dongle.

No, it isn ´t.
If the AI license is indeed on that dongle (which means you must have moved it there, and which from your image does not seem to be the case), you can move it to a 2nd Dongle. Otherwise AI can be activated with a soft eLicenser on the laptop.

Thank you very much for your reply. Can you tell me how can I do it, I would really appreciate if you can tell me step by step.

Step 1 click the Steinberg Logo on top of the page
Step 2 on the newly opened page click “support”
step 3 on the newly opened page click “activation & reactivation”
step 4 on the newly opened page spend some of your time.

I think you were trying to send the web link but you didn’t know how to send it, it’s very simple . Don’t worry I will show you some other time.
Anyway there were many useful things were on that page, but I didn’t had enough time to read all the information. It’s very time consuming, I seeking information from someone who can save my time short and point me in right direction.

amp64 don’t be put off by a smart arse.
The idea of the dongle is so that Cubase can’t be pirated.
Therefore when you buy Cubase you can only have one instance at a time.
I know it dooesn’t help your situation but that is the way it is

Hi there,
I understand what you said, I have no problem with that. I just want to know if in case my dongle goes busted/malfunction. will all my software go lost? As you know this software’s are very expensive. Just for your information, all the top of the line software’s are registered such as Cubase Pro10.5, WaveLab Pro10 & some others, I just want to know if Steinberg have all my registered software’s saved with them, then I dont need to worry about that, correct me if I am wrong?

I would suggest:
Buy a second Dongle and plug both Dongles on the same machine.
Open elicencer software and move the Cubase AI licence to the new Dongle.
So you have Cubase Pro one 1 dongle and Cubase AI on the other one. No more need to unplug.
That’s all!

If you have issues with your dongle"

Your software is REGISTERED in the My Steinberg account you have.

Your LICENSES for ALL products EXCEPT Cubase AI are on the DONGLE

Cubase AI is a software license right now. IF you chose to move your Cubase AI license to DONGLE you CANNOT move it back.