USB E-Licenser not working after Windows 10 Anniversary

Hi all,

After performing a Windows update for Win10 Anniversary update (version 1607) my E-Licenser no longer works. It was working fine the day before with no problems and now when I plug it into any USB port (2 or 3), it blinks red for a couple seconds then turns off. When opening the E-Licenser control program, it no longer reads in the list of applicable devices, even after maintenance tasks complete with no errors.
When looking in device manager or the devices and printers screen within Windows, it lists the E-Licenser but says there is a problem with driver - see attached screenshots.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling ELC, cleaning the registry for previous entries related to ELC/E-Licenser, restarted many times, maintenance and updating E-Licenser database within the software (no errors and no change mind you) and seemingly not making any progress.
Anyone have some insight on how to rectify this issue?
Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.