USB E-Licenser Software (Cubase) Compatibility

Hello. I am typing in this forum with the subject of the USB E-Licenser. I am wondering if newer E-Licensers are compatible with Pre-Version 12 iterations of Cubase. The product I have is Cubase SL 1.0. I read on Amazon that the dongle is compatible with SL 2.0 through a question someone asked, but I do not know for sure that the dongle is worthy of the SL 1.0. version. I understand that the USB E-Licenser has retired, but I prefer old technology for reasons. I also understand that Cubase SL 1 is a legacy product, but clarification would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Please read Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg to have a good understanding of the change.

In short, the older software continues to use the same protection method as when it was released.

I’m not positive but I presume a physical dongle was not needed, the Synchrosoft Elicenser of that era likely had a soft elicenser available.

To tell you more this info is needed: The OS and its version that you are using, and whether you have the software currently installed.

I have Windows 11 and Cubase SL 1.0. I know that the version I mentioned is not compatible, but if it launches, I guess it works. From what I read in the revisions category, the dongles are compatible with each other, but I think I have to agree with older keys do the charm.

…so what are you asking?

I apologize. I was asking for which dongles are compatible with Cubase SL 1.0.

I see.

The compatibility is between the Elicenser software and your OS, without regard to the product version.

  • Do you actually have a license?

  • Did you actually launch the software?

First of all, I do have a license. It is registered through the Soft E-Licenser way. I double checked to see if the serials matched.
Secondly, I launched the software, but it told me that no E-Licenser was present. I also checked the Licenses button that told me to have a dongle. I did order myself a dongle for the occasion, but it has not arrived.
In short, all I need is a dongle for the software to properly take action. I did this on my own terms.

You will still need a licence to put on the dongle. It doesn’t come with one

You are talking about a 21-year-old version of Cubase, which is long since out of support. It is unlikely to run on any current operating system, let alone be compatible with a modern version of eLicenser Control Center if, indeed, that ancient version used eLicenser. If I remember correctly, Steinberg’s protection technology changed to eLicenser at around this time and it may well be that Cubase SL 1.0 is protected by a pre-eLicenser dongle. The change in Nuendo protection came between Nuendo 1 and Nuendo 2 - as Cubase SX 1 and Cubase SL 1 were derived from the Nuendo 1 codebase, I suspect that Cubase SL 2 was the first version to use eLicenser.

If you are determined to run such an antique version, then I suspect that you are going to need to track down a dongle that is already activated.

Unless you have powerful reasons to run such an antique, I’d buy a Cubase Elements 12 licence and install it on modern hardware, which is likely to give you a much better experience overall. (I know that Cubase SL became Cubase Artist, but eighteen versions later than Cubase SX/SL 1 if you count all the paid x.5 updates, even Cubase Elements 12 is likely to be more powerful than Cubase SL 1)