usb elicenser/boot manager issue

I recently installed cubase 7 advanced music production system in my Gateway PC Desktop(Windows 7). The Gateway pc has 16gb ram, intel i5 processor, and 1tb harddrive. Here is my issue. WHEN I HAVE THE USB eLICENSER PLUGGED IN, AND I BOOT UP MY COMPUTER, IT TAKES ME TO THE BOOT MANAGER SCREEN (WINDOWS 7 IS THE ONLY OPTION) AND STAYS THERE UNTIL I HIT ENTER. IF I SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER, UNPLUG THE USB eLICENSER, AND BOOT COMPUTER BACK UP, IT BOOTS STRAIGHT TO WINDOWS 7 (NO BOOT MANAGER SCREEN). I dont want to have to plug in usb eLicenser everytime I boot up. I want to keep the usb-eLicenser plugged in to the back of my computer at all times. Can someone help me with this issue… Thanks

Seems to me this has to do with the way your computer is set up. It would seem that it was originally setup to allow multi-booting. The USB device seems to be triggering this responce, perhaps as it’s only setup on a single OS.
Not sure whether the multi-booting option can be turned off, or if you need to setup the PC anew.

I’m sorry but this is nothing Cubase specific, that’s why I’m moving the thread to Misc. Please check your BIOS and try disabling “USB legacy support”.


Ok. Thank you for your help.

Open your BIOS. Look at your Boot Sequence. It is no doubt set to ‘boot from USB device’ . Change this to ‘boot from hard drive C’.

BTW, did you organize your single hard drive into many hard drives? If it were me I would. You can still add partitions if not and I recommend it. 1T is huge so keep in mind that every time you record, stop, or start your project, the hard drive is read back to front. In other words it’s more work for the processor to read 1T than it is for 100G, keep it in mind. Or not.