USB Elicenser issue

Happy new year to everybody.
I will be working away from my base more this year and decided to buy a second usb dongle, add cubase 11 pro to my laptop. This would allow me to leave my other dongle in the studio for my partner to use when I am working away.
The licencer has been registered with Steinberg and is in my e licencer control panel.
However I cannot get my products onto the licence, so therefore cannot run the software.
Any ideas how I do this please. Its windows based.
many thanks


You will need both USB dongles connected to your computer, then in Licence manager drag and drop licence from one USB to the other

And to iterate Kristijan’s message in case I’ve understood your question correctly, a Cubase license can only be on one eLicenser at a time as it is a single-user license.

thanks for your replies.
I just realised that as I tried Kristijan 's method. it removes from 1st dongle.

So it is waste of money having a second dongle then?


Having 2 USB-eLicensers doesn’t mean heaving 2 licenses. You own only 1 license and you can put it to any USB-eLicenser. But you move the license to the other one, not copy.