USB-eLicenser suddenly stopped working!!! HELP!

Suddenly, none of my computers can find the USB-eLicenser! That means I cannot use Nexus! The strange thing is that the red light is still on, but the key and its licenses is all of a sudden gone from the eLicenser control center.

I fucking hate all these kinds of licenses and shit, it’s like being punished because you actually pay for the products instead of stealing them from the Pirate Bay… :blush:

have done the basic troubleshooting of installing the latest ECC package?


It’s pretty unusual for a dongle to die, and yet still light up.

Probably you should contact support. In the meantime have you read this?

Yes I’ve done all on that list!

How do I contact support!? Can’t find any! =S

OK I’ll say it.

Thanks Steve.

Yeah okay, I’ve seen that, but the problem is that I can’t find any adress or number to some real support for my problem here in Sweden! It only says:


Yamaha Music Europe Branch Scandinavia
Sales inquiries:"

No email, no phone number, but yes, I could find it on their website or whatever, but still, I find it very hard to believe that Yamaha Music will help me with this problem… I don’t need no Nuendo support!

I’ve read something about a support request form for registered users in MySteinberg, but can’t find that either.

So… if you know, would you please give me a number or e-mail adress that I can use for this certain issue?

And yes, of course, thanks in advance!

/Andrée Theander