USB Elicenser to work for downloaded Cubase Pro 11

Having a nightmare trying to get the USB Elicenser to work for downloaded Cubase Pro 11. Watched all kinds of Elicenser Videos but just running around in circles and getting more frustrated. Never had so much difficulty for trying to get any kind of software to work in my life.

Does anyone have a Steinberg email I can have to get direct support? When I go to look for direct support I get stuck in a maze of FAQs that are not helpful. I hope they make a new license system that is efficient and not confusing.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can rise the support ticket within your MySteinberg account.

What kind of issue do you have?

I also get this coming up when I try Licence Activation

Kind Regards Geoff

Cubase Pro 11 is up and running now. I have a Steinberg Urrt2 Interrface. But when I try to lower the latency by going to the Control Panel and set it to 192 Samples, it’s frozen on Input Latency 16.395ms and Output Latency 21.383ms when I go back to the Audio System?

Kind Regards Geoff