USB Expression Pedal midi input?

I have 2 keyboards , each assigned to different tracks and sounds

My expression pedal is connected via usb so it is detected as a midi instrument by itself.

The only way to make it work is to set the track as " All midi inputs ".
In this way the track is triggered by the keyboard and expression pedal.It works.

But is even triggered by the 2nd Keyboard. Not what I want.
How can I set that track to be triggered by keyboard and pedal without being triggered by the 2nd keyboard?

I created another Midi track track .
Input: my expression Pedal, Output: Kontak Track ( the track that I want to be controlled by Expression pedal )

So that Track is triggerd by one keyboard only and by the midi track that has expression pedal as Input.
So far so good.

My expression pedal is connected via USB end not in my Keyboard that has no Expression Pedal connections but only Sustein connection.

The only way I found to use my Expression Pedal is to create a new midi track with
Input Doremidi ( my usb device to connect my pedal to Cubase. It is seen as a controller as well as my 2 keyboards )
Output Kontakt ( The track I want to control with expression pedal )

If I want to control with expression pedal other tracks, do I have to create more midi tracks , one for every track I want to control?
is it the only way?

It seems thet’s the only way to have these track to see my pedal.