USB Extender and with USB UTP Extender

Hi everyone, I´m new at this forum. But I´ve being using Steinberg driver for my Yamaha MG-20XU for more than a year now. I´ve being using an USB Cable Extender with 15 meeters with absolutely ZERO problems !!!
Now we decided to move to a more complete solution, installing all cables and equipments in a proper way. It´s mean doing all cable inside walls and electroconduits, this create an issue in terms of distance, since now we have 25 meeters long connection to be made. We decided to do it using an USB UTP converter. And now we are with a big problem. The device is detected but windows 10 says that drivers are not installed (windows error 28).
If I use my USB Extention 15 mt it works like a charm. But when I move to the USB to UTP converter, even if I use a smaller UTP cable of 50 cm it leads to this error 28.
It seems that one part of the initial signalling to enable the drive is being blocked somehow.
Does anyone experienced this situation?

Is it possible to provide me the particular USB electrical and protocol technical specs of Steinberg and Yamaha MG-XU USB port?

Can you help me to understand the USB signalling protocols requirements for Steinberg and Yamaha MG-20XU?

Does anyone has an workaround for this situation?

Really apreciate.
Carlos E. Guenka