USB FiFine Mic not being recognised by CUBASE 12 on PC Acer laptop?

Hi Everyone,

I have Cubase 12 on my big computer with an M-audio interface, all works great.

I have had Cubase 12 on my ACER Laptop also for a year or so but no audio interface.

Everything works great except I just bought a new USB mic and it never seems to connect if I want to record a voice part.

I have ASIO4ALL - which works fine for everything but the mic.

But I notice in Studio AUDIO INPUTS it never says FiFine Mic - (I have named the mic that)
WINDOWS sees it and says it’s working fine, and when I check it is. I have disabled the laptop camera and mic.

In sum, WINDOWS recognises my new MIC and says Device working properly and sure enough it works if I test it - but CUBASE 12 just doesn’t see it, or is not connecting with it. I have spent about 2 hours trying everything! I would appreciate some help.

Is changing to FLexAsio an idea? I read this on another recent post!

yours George


There must be an ASIO driver, if Cubase should see the device. If the device doesn’t have own ASIO driver, you can use any virtual ASIO driver, like ASIO4ALL. If even ASIO4ALL doesn’t see the device, the problem is totally out of Cubase then.