USB ground noise and UR242 USB Interface

A couple of months ago I build my new Windows 10 Pro workstation (see specs in my signature).
After connecting my Steinberg UR242 USB Audio Interface, I started noticing a very annoying ground noise and hum comning from both my speakers.
My motherboard is ASUS Prime Z370-A. Apparently the noise is comming from the USB 2.0 connection.

I surfed the net and found what could be a possible sollution; Hifime USB Isololator (2nd generation).
Ordered it and connected it between the Workstation USB connection and the USB cable going to the UR242 USB in.
Speakers were now dead quiet without sound, the noise was gone and I normally could listen to music.

However, when I play music through my Kawai MP7 Midi Controller, there are constant drop-outs in the sound :frowning:
If I disconnect the USB Isolator, everything works fine, no drop-outs at all.

Has any of you encountered this with a Hifime USB Isolator and what may be a possible solution to deal with the problem?
Look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Problem solved.
I took out my Midi-IN cable from my Kawai MP7 and connected my MP7 to my workstation through the USB to Host connection.
No more drop-outs.